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A platform by animal lovers, of the animal lovers, and for the love of animals. 



All of us from the animal welfare community would love to be out there helping animals but unfortunately we cannot. However, we can do out part by helping those who are out there caring for animals. Each penny counts. We have a list of verified rescuers that you can choose to help.

Connect with the rescuers & feeders directly!

Making a donation towards any kind of charity is great, however, each penny you pay towards donations gets divided into various costs such as the salaries of people working at various levels, marketing costs, office rental, vehicular expenses, etc. Only a certain percentage of what you pay goes towards the care of animals. With the Animal Instinct platform, we are trying to rectify that  by connecting you directly to the rescuers, feeders and pet parents, who could do with your support. Each listing has been verified by us and we can guarantee that every penny you spend will be used for a good cause. 

If you are a rescuer, feeder or a pet parent in need of support, contact us and we will start the verification process, post which, you can be listed on the website.